Botany Lace 4ply

by Aruncania

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100g of 100% Pure Wool  - 410m length

30 Degree Wash No Tumble Dry No Bleach Cool Iron 3.25mm Needles  



3003 Botany Lace 3005 Botany Lace PT1948 Botany Lace PT1949 Botany Lace PT1964 Botany Lace  

This yarn knits so lovely as you can see from the sample above

This is a gorgeous yarn with superb colours and has subtle colour change sothat you can small or large items.  It knits to any 4ply pattern and is a fine 4ply, great for shawls, or that something special, so far we have made gloves and hats in it but I would love to make something bigger. 

Colours available: (you can alter the amount once you have placed it in the cart)

3003 Botany Lace 

 Blue, Red and Pink Mix

3003 Botany Lace | 10.95 GBP



3005 Botany Lace


Blue, Green, Lilac Mix

3005 Botany Lace | 10.95 GBP



PT1948 Botany Lace


Blue, Yellow, Green Mix

PT1948 Botany Lace | 10.95 GBP


PT1949 Botany Lace


Lilac, Purple, White Mix

PT1949 Botany Lace | 10.95 GBP



PT1964 Botany Lace


Pink, Lilac, Yellow Mix

PT1964 Botany Lace | 10.95 GBP