Aran with Wool

by James C Brett


400g ball with 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool    

Length 640m/698yds

AR8 400g Aran Lilac Aran Rose Pink Aran AR67 Lime 400g Aran Red Aran 400g AR5
Turquoise Aran Light Brown Aran Maroon Aran    

Soft and easy to knit or crochet with.  The balls of wool have a nice feel to them and when knitted into garments provide a warm and easy to wear garment.  This yarn is also good for crochet and will knit or crochet to most aran patterns.

Colours Available (you can change the amount you wish to buy once you have placed it in the cart)

Pale Blue Aran 

Blue Aran with Wool 400g AR8 | 9.00 GBP





Rose Pink Aran

Pink Aran with Wool 400g AR67 | 9.00 GBP




Red Aran 

Red Aran with Wool 400g AR5 | 9.00 GBP



Lime 400g Aran 

Lime Aran

Lime Aran with Wool 400g AR79 | 9.00 GBP



Turquoise Aran 400g


Turquoise Aran

Lime Aran with Wool 400g AR76 | 9.00 GBP




Light Brown AR22 Aran


Light Brown Aran

Light Brown Aran with Wool 400g AR22 | 9.00 GBP



Maroon Aran AR55


Maroon Aran

Maroon Aran with Wool 400g AR55 | 9.00 GBP



Lilac Aran

Lilac Aran

Lilac Aran with Wool 400g AR68 | 9.00 GBP